I’m Switching to Rumble

I’ve been looking for a YouTube alternative for around a year now. I found a lot of sites but none of them were exactly what I wanted. Then around a month ago, I heard about Rumble and I am really liking it so far.

I’ve been playing with Rumble for around a month now. So I can say out of everything I’ve seen Rumble is the most like YouTube with the least amount of bugs.


My Rumble review

Here are a few highlights of what I like. Kind of like a Rumble vs. YouTube but I talk about other video sites to.


Uploading works very well. Maybe even better than YouTube. I know on BitChute my video uploads failed a lot and I would have to start all over. My internet is not the fastest so that was a pain.

Video Quality

Rumble lets you play the video on different resolutions like YouTube. So if I want to save bandwidth I can set the videos to 480p and if I want it to look super nice I can set it to 1080p. Everything on BitChute gets pushed down to 480p so some videos look like crap. Everything on LBRY is the same as the source video. So you can run into issues with slow internet or bandwidth caps.


Your videos on Rumble can be monetized if you want that. That’s impossible for a new creator on YouTube. On top of that YouTube is starting to force ads on all videos even if you’re not getting a cut of the profit.

But I have noticed it can take some time for a new video to be approved for monetization. It seems like it might be a manual review process by the Rumble staff. Sometimes a video of mine gets ads within an hour and sometimes it has taken a few weeks.

Licensing Options

Rumble Licensing Options

Rumble has more licensing options than other sites. you can give Rumble exclusive rights to the video and they may put it on YouTube or sell it and give you a cut of the money. You can make more money this way but you lose the ability to edit or delete your video and you’re not allowed to post it anywhere else.

I like using the Rumble Only option. This is just like YouTube where you give them rights to only show the video with their player. The video can get monetized and you keep full rights. You can edit, delete or post the video on other sites if you wish.

But I’m not a lawyer and I guess the license options could change. So please look into it yourself and don’t just take my word for me.


YouTube is the clear winner when it comes to content. They beat all other sites in this category. They have been around forever and have videos on almost everything. But Rumble has a lot of potential. There are not a lot of gaming or tech videos on there yet so maybe I can help change that.

Not Google

Rumble is not run by Google. So that’s a bonus in my opinion. If you have followed me you probably know I am not the biggest fan of Google. I think they have got too big and I dumped the Google search engine years ago.

Switching to Rumble

So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be using Rumble for my videos. I hope you will join me there! Also If you sign up for an account with this link I’ll get a referral credit.

4 thoughts on “I’m Switching to Rumble

  1. J. G.

    I’m in the same boat, I’m interested in getting a Linux phone for video creation. Does anyone know, can the Linux phones

    *Edit video(I’ve seen the answer is yes)

    *Upload to rumble.com?

    johnguardner at gmail.com

    1. Zack Post author

      I would be interested in knowing what software you found for video editing on the phone. That seems like a neat idea. As for uploading, I would assume if you go to the webpage you could upload by the browser just like you would on a Linux desktop? But at the moment I don’t have a Linux phone to try it out with.

  2. Dave Reynolds

    I uploaded to HD videos but they both turned out to be no better than 480p. Not happy. I see no setting selections I am supposed to set for Uploads, so what’s the trick?

    Also, the Search apparently does not even see the key words, so what’s the point? How long should it take for the spider to crawl the keywords?

    AND, if my videos are not even monetized, why do other videos show up on the channel where I click a video to watch? What if something inappropriate to my content shows up there on the right? So not cool.

    1. Zack Post author

      Hey Dave.

      1. I’m not sure how long you waited but it takes a bit for a video to encode into all the formats. It seems to start at 480p.

      2. Sorry but I can’t say much about the search. I have people I follow so I have not used it much.

      3. It takes time for a video to be monetized. Some of my videos took a few weeks to be approved. I think it’s a manual review process.

      4. I’m not sure what you’re talking about with other videos showing up in your channel? I can’t seem to get the same result when I try with mine. https://rumble.com/c/c-351255

      I’m sorry your unhappy with Rumble. Maybe you would like Odysee.com better. I would suggest checking them out. 🙂


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