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Report Phishing and Malware

If you manage to discover a phishing website or malware please take the time to report it. With this simple act you could save countless other people time, money, and heartache. The faster these things get reported the less profit the crooks get and we make the web a safer place in the process! Working in Continue Reading »

Making a Strong Password

Let’s talk about what makes a password strong. When we think of strong passwords we think of crazy examples like the famous Star Trek password Data used. “One, seven, three, four, six, seven, three, two, one, four, seven, six, Charlie, three, two, seven, eight, nine, seven, seven, seven, six, four, three, Tango, seven, three, two, Continue Reading »

Intel security bug

Intel Processor security bug A flaw in the Intel processors architecture has opened up a vulnerability called “Meltdown” in the memory access of a computer. If that was not bad enough this bug could be present on CPUs made over the last 10 years! Normally the operating system controls all access to memory and programs and apps running on Continue Reading »