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Strong Passwords

Let’s talk about strong passwords. When we think of strong passwords we think of crazy examples like the famous Star Trek password Data used. “One, seven, three, four, six, seven, three, two, one, four, seven, six, Charlie, three, two, seven, eight, nine, seven, seven, seven, six, four, three, Tango, seven, three, two, Victor, seven, three, Continue Reading »

Intel security bug

Intel Processor security bug A flaw in the Intel processors architecture has opened up a vulnerability called “Meltdown” in the memory access of a computer. If that was not bad enough this bug could be present on CPUs made over the last 10 years! Normally the operating system controls all access to memory and programs and apps running on Continue Reading »

Equifax Data Breach

The worst data breach in history! Equifax got hacked over the summer and they are just now telling us about it. The reason this is the worst data breach so far is because of the type of company they are.  They are a credit score company and they have info on your whole financial life. The Continue Reading »

Petya ransomware

Yet another big ransomware attack has started taking out computers and businesses around the world. This one is called Petya. It is using the exploit from WannaCry so if you have already patched up your system then you should be safe. At least until another variant comes out. Below you can see the image of Continue Reading »