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I enjoy programming computer games in my spare time. Here are a few I have developed.

Planet Developer

In Planet Developer you have become the owner of a deserted planet. You need to use your skills to develop the planet into the number one destination in the galaxy! Planet Developer is the first game I have done in this genre. The planet is procedurally generated and you have to terraform the surface in Continue Reading »


A game made in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 35 contest. You are a new experimental robot that can fire projectiles that shapeshift objects. Use your powers to escape! Game Controls: Jump = W or space barRight = DLeft = AMagic/Weapon = Left Mouse shoots. Mouse Aims Ludum Dare 35 page | Download: Windows


A game made for MiniLD 62. I had been working on lighting in the game engine and this was the first time I got to show it off. I really like the way the look and feel of this game turned out. Use your powers of light to destroy the queen eye monster! Game Controls: Continue Reading »