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Patriot Mobile Review

In February I switched my phone plan to Patriot Mobile because I liked what they stood for. I also no longer wanted to support a company like Google with their Google Fi network. I was kind of nervous about the coverage at first. But believe it or not the Patriot Mobile network works better for Continue Reading »

I Got My Ham Radio License

I have become very interested in radio over the last 7-8 months. I’m not sure now what triggered it. But I do remember watching a video about emergency communications and ham radio. I thought it was interesting so I started doing research. Now as of 6/1/2021 I am a licensed ham radio operator! I started Continue Reading »

Online Friends

Online friends are an interesting thing. How can two people who have never met in real life and may never meet form a strong friendship that lasts for years? It kind of sounds strange in a way. But I guess it’s not anything new. Pen pals have been around longer than the internet. Maybe the Continue Reading »