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If you would like to offer a few dollars to help pay for hosting and services that make this site possible then here are some ways you can donate. I appreciate any amount you’re willing to give!

Paypal may be the easiest way to donate.


Brave’s BAT. Use Brave and donate on any of my pages.

My Bitcoin address is: bc1qf0p5cpzp2pam0e4k8f3e9qvrg77mtlr65k7j8d

My Monero address is: 46hDZWRZRBqXy5CeYiJ9G6aFPZRPAQPSi96P6xxjuQqcKFaaXSGwWKwFfkQSoTXHCxDX14M9dSWxHfiUNhYeXkCV6F5kP57

Affiliate Links

You can also donate indirectly at no extra cost to you by using my affiliate links below.

Humble Bundle – Buy games while supporting charity. I get up to $15 is you use my link to sign up for Humble Choice.

Gemini – I like Gemini for a crypto exchange but their support is slow. It took them 2 months to get back to me on an issue. But now everything is great.

VigLink – Affiliate link for the affiliate program I use.

Rumble – My favorite video platform. Way better than YouTube!

Ionos – My web host and the best one I have used.

Epik – Freedom supporting domain registrar that I use.

Newegg – I have been building computers with Newegg parts for over a decade.

BestBuy – I have spent a lot of time in BestBuy over the years buying parts and computer games.

1800flowers – Send some flowers to your loved ones this valentine’s day. My wife loves getting these.

Viglink shop – A bunch of random products. Sometimes you find a good deal.

Other Options

If you know of some other options you would like me to use then let me know. I am open to suggestions.

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