Donate and Support My Work

If you would like to offer a few dollars to help pay for hosting and services that make this site possible then here are some ways you can donate. I appreciate any amount you’re willing to give!

Paypal may be the easiest way to donate.


Brave’s BAT. Use Brave and donate on any of my pages.

You can also donate indirectly at no extra cost to you by using my affiliate links below.

Humble Bundle – Buy games while supporting charity. I get up to $15 is you use my link to sign up for Humble Choice.

Gemini – I like Gemini for a crypto exchange but their support is slow. It took them 2 months to get back to me on an issue. But now everything is great.

VigLink – Affiliate link for the affiliate program I use.

Rumble – My favorite video platform. Way better than YouTube!

Ionos – My web host and the best one I have used. This link gives a 50/50 cut between you and me on the referral reward.

BestBuy – I have spent a lot of time in BestBuy over the years buying parts and computer games.

1800flowers – Send some flowers to your loved ones this valentine’s day. My wife loves getting these.

Other Options

If you know of some other options you would like me to use then let me know. I am open to suggestions.

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