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Music Streams

I like to play music while working and I know a lot of people like music for studying and gaming as well. I wanted to make a music streams list of some free streams I like to listen too. So here is the list in no particular order. Music Streams Lofi Hip Hop This is the Continue Reading »

41 Dad Jokes

After my son was born I started to collect clean corny jokes or dad jokes. After I got a few I decided to start putting them here so others could enjoy them too! I like the simple short one-liner jokes myself, so I end up bypassing the stuff that is longer than one line. Now Continue Reading »

Motivation, Malaise and Depression

Jonathan Blow did a talk about how he manages his psychology when working on long game and software development projects. It is very interesting to hear about these topics from someone in the game development industry. I have always found the mind and psychology interesting.  I often time try to examine and understand my own thoughts Continue Reading »

Charity Fraud

Hurricane Harvey broke rain fall and flood record and Hurricane Irma looks like it may be the worst storm in Florida in over 50 years. My hopes and prays go out to anyone in the path of these storms. As a result of this tons of charities are popping up and asking for money and Continue Reading »