ZackHey everyone! My name is Zack and I work in the information technology industry.

Most of the content on this site is based on computers, technology, programming, and gaming. I may also throw in other random stuff that I find interesting.

Goals for this site

I originally started this site off as a place to put my documentation and problem solutions that I found while working. I have a giant folder of notes and things I have written, and I was thinking if I started to migrate some of that online then I could look at them from anywhere and maybe it would help other people as well.

I also started to post and link to content, news, and ideas I found interesting. The idea was to put all the interesting stuff I found in one place. And that is basically what this site is and how it was started.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and thank you for visiting!

Contact me

If you wish to contact me then try this “Contact Me” page or leave a comment on a post. You can also try @Volt_Drift on Twitter.

Support Sysjolt

So far I have yet to break even on cost. I enjoy doing this site so I do not plan to stop but I do try to make a little of my money back with advertisement and affiliate links using viglink.

Having a clean site is very important to me. I use this site too after all and I don’t want to see annoying ads. So I promise never to use diabolical and annoying monetization methods or overuse ad space. In return, I hope you would be willing to turn off ad blockers and script blockers for this site. Thank you for your support!!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to @s3r10s1n for some help with the logo!

Privacy Policy

This sites Privacy Policy can be found here. https://www.sysjolt.com/privacy-policy