Hey everyone! My name is Zack and I work in the information technology industry.

I enjoy computers, technology, programming, gaming, and building electronics. So, most of the content on this site is based on that kind of stuff. I may also throw in other random stuff that I find interesting.

Goals for this site

I had a few things in mind when I started this site. One was documentation of things I do for my job. I have a giant folder of notes and things I have written, and I was thinking if I put some of that online maybe it would help other people.

The other thing is to document and link to content, news, and ideas I find interesting. This way I can keep track of them better and maybe others will find them interesting as well.

Lastly is to write about my own opinions and ideas. I am somewhat dyslexic so I think more writing will help me organize my thoughts and become a better writer over time.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me then try this “Contact Me” page or leave a comment on a post. You can also try @Volt_Drift on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting!

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