Turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN

I never like to save my passwords. First, I don’t want someone coming in behind me and having easy access to all my stuff. The other thing I think about is if I type them all the time then most likely I will never forget them.  So, every time I install TortoiseSVN and it starts saving passwords by default I become sad. It also takes me a bit to remember how to fix that so I wanted to document how to turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you too!

Turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN GUI

The first thing to do is open the TortoiseSVN setting by right-clicking a folder and going to the TortouseSVN options. Ones there go to the bottom to advance and switch “AllowAuthSave” to false.

Turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN GUI

But this only turns off saving in the GUI. If you also use the command line you must go to another location to fix that.

Turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN command line

Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Subversion

Then ones in that folder you should see a file called “servers”

TortoiseSVN Setting files

Open that file with a text editor like notepad and look for the setting called “store-password”. Remove the # and make sure it is equal to no. I also do the same thing with “store-plaintext-passwords”.

Turn off password saving in TortoiseSVN for command line.

Save the file and now the password will no longer automatically be saved in the command line.

Clear out saved passwords

If your password has already been saved you can go back to the GUI settings and clear it. This is done under the “Save Data” setting.

TortoiseSVN Saved Data

That is how you disable password saving in TortoiseSVN. Now you can rest easy. No more annoying automatic password saving.

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