Handmade Hero

In 2014 Casey Muratori started a live stream series called Handmade Hero. I have been following it for a while and I fully enjoy it. He is developing a professional quality game from scratch using no libraries. In the processs, he wants to teach everyone else how to do the same thing. As of this writing, he has built all the low-level stuff, built a software render and has hardware rendering with OpenGL. There are currently 386 episodes each anywhere from 1 to 2 hours long.

Handmade Hero Announcement

I am no were close to being on the latest episode but you can always catch up on youtube.

If you do not already know about this and you are interested in game programming I would highly suggest checking it out! The website is https://handmadehero.org/. I have learned a ton and will continue to watch it!

Handmade Hero Linux

There is also a linux port for Handmade Hero called Handmade Penguin. I have not gone over a lot of this myself but I have looked at the first few parts and was able to compile them with no problems.

Handmade Hero Trailer

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