Making the Witcher Games

I found some cool game design documentaries on making the Witcher games. I love watching behind the scene videos so I wanted to post them here.

Witcher Game

How it started – The Story of CD Projekt RED

After watching the first video I feel like I understand why they started

Remembering the Witcher 1 and 2

Designing the World of the Witcher 3

In this video they talk to environmental design, level design and open world design about how they collaborated to make the world of Wild Hunt.

The Quest of the Wild Hunt

Some of the designers favorite quests and the process of bringing the franchise to a rich open world.


The challenge of adaptation and localization Slavic lore for cultures around the world.

Devil’s in the Detail

This video looks at the games’s music, combat design, AI, cinematic design, writing, performance capture, and of course, Gwent.

If your looking for even more about CD Project Red then check out my post on What we know about Cyberpunk 2077.

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