List of Jonathan Blow Talks

Jonathan Blow's Braid Game

Jon is an American video game designer and programmer that is well known for his independent games Braid and The Witness. He is also working on his own programing language known right now as JAI. John has accumulated a fan base of other game programmers and designers who share his views on coding and game design and has given many talks.

Here are a few talks at events I have collected in one place. John also has his own YouTube and Twitch channel where he talks about his work.

Preventing the Collapse of Civilization

Another source for Preventing the Collapse of Civilization on PeerTube

Design Decisions On Creating A Programming Language

John is talking about his new programming language to replace C++ that he calls JAI. It is being designed to be data-oriented and high performance.

GameDevGraz Q&A Session November 2017

Making Game Programming Less Terrible

Making Game Programming Less Terrible

Storytime at PAX East 2016

Storytime with Jonathan Blow at PAX East on May 4, 2016.

Software Quality at the CSUA GM2

Jonathan Blow on Software Quality at the Computer Science Undergraduate Association GM2 on March 20, 2016.

Practice 2014

Some info about “Game 3” and what his plans are after The Witness.

How to program independent games

CSUA Speech on September 12, 2013.

IndieCade 2011

Jon talks about how he designs games.

Indie Prototyping

A talk from Jonathan Blow at the Independent Games Summit where he talks about indie game prototyping on March 6 2007.

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