Making Game Programming Less Terrible

Jonathan Blow, the maker of Braid and The Witness, recently spoke at the Reboot Develop conference. The topic of his talk was about making game programming less terrible. He started off by describing what is wrong with the current world of software. He used Adobe Photoshop as the examples by showing how slow it was like he has before at his CSUA talk on software quality. After that John started talking about his new programming language. He demonstrates the features of his new language by showing a new game he wrote with it. The features in this language already sounds amazing! I must say I was getting super excited about it. Then John said he would release the source code for this game and the engine with the new language!

Making game programming less terrible.

To tell the truth this kind of makes me want to stop all my C++ work and just wait for him to finish his language. But there is no release date. So, who knows how long we will have to wait to play with it.

Making game programming less terrible video

Below is the video of the talk so you can check it out for yourself!

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