Lights In The Sky And UFOs

UFOs have been a big topic lately and a lot of people have gotten really into them. I myself used to be fascinated by them. I remember as a kid going out and trying to look for them.

Time lapse of stars.

But nowadays I don’t think about them much. I feel like even if there was life out there it would never reach us. And I have at least 3 reasons why.


The distance between stars is massive and space is expanding. Meaning at the speed of light (the fastest you should be able to go) It would take life times to reach most places. And some places you could never reach because of the expanding of space.

Then you got things like gamma rays and cosmic rays. That would shred our DNA and cells. There is not even an effective way to shield something like a cosmic ray. I hear if you did put shielding around a space craft the cosmic rays would hit it and turn it into a kind of particle shotgun making the issue worse.

Any life as we know it would not be able to survive the trip.

Energy Cost

You would have to convert the mass of Jupiter into pure energy every second to break the speed of light. I don’t see that being very practical haha.

Also any space craft that managed to get that fast would be destroyed by slamming into particles. Like being eroded away by a light speed sand blaster.

Why come in the first place?

If some intelligent race could solve all these issues and pay the energy cost why would they visit just to dance around in the sky and mess with us?

Then what are UFOs?

Astrophysicists Hugh Ross says 99% of UFO sightings can be explained away but 1% can not. Below is a video were he talks about that 1%. To me this explanation makes the most since.

The book he talks about is called Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men. His website is

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