Electronic Circuit Simulators

I was looking for a circuit simulator that would work on Linux and I found a few free ones and one that runs in the browser. Then I setup a simple boost converter so that I could experiment with the values.

Circuit Simulator Boost Converter


This program is called CircuitJS. It’s free and has an offline version you can download. I’m no expert with circuit simulators but it seems to work really well to me. I think this will end up helping me build things faster and learn more in the process.

I thought it was worth promoting and maybe someone else will find it helpful too.

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

QUCS is another tool recommended to me by an engineer friend and it has a Linux version. He said its a little clucky but works well. I will have to add this to my list of things to try.


If your on Windows or Mac I’m told another circuit simulator called LTspice is good as well so I wanted to mention it. If nothing else for myself so I can find the link later if I happen to be on Windows.

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