Godot 4 Is Here!

The Godot 4 download has not made it to the web page yet but it’s on GitHub. I’m out of town today but I have already downloaded it to my laptop and I’m excited to start messing with it when I get the chance!

I also wanted to throw a quick post together to spread the word!

Godot Game Engine


The Godot 4.0 release is by all metrics our biggest release so far.
No stone has been left unturned, all parts of the engine have been
modernized, refactored, overhauled, rewritten, redesigned.

Our work is far from done. Many areas still have significant known issues,
and will require focused work from all willing contributors to fix blocking
bugs, implement missing features, optimize for performance or compatibility,
and improve the user experience.

But Godot 4.0 marks the start of the new, modern Godot Engine, and a solid
foundation for us all to build upon. Future 4.x releases will come with a
much faster cadence, enabling us to iterate quickly on new features and
improvements to what we already provide.

To all of you who were involved in making Godot 4.0 what it is today, however
big or small your contributions were:


This was a massive undertaking, and you all participated in unique and
wonderful ways to build a free and open source game engine for everyone to
use and enjoy. You are breathtaking! <3

Godot 4 Overview

Time to update my code

I know a lot of things changed and I have kind of been holding off on major development waiting for this. Because I knew porting to Godot 4 could be painful. So now I get to start converting my projects over! Sounds fun and awful at the same time haha. But there looks like there is a migration guide.

Are you upgrading?

I will try to update this post with better details when I get back in town but for now how about a poll?

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Will you update to Godot 4 right away or will you wait?

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