Godot Web Editor

The Godot Engine now has a web editor. Meaning you can use a web browser to build your games. That’s kind of a neat idea and I was not expecting this kind of update. I don’t know of any other game engines that do this but I could be out of the loop?


How the Godot Web Editor Works

You go to https://editor.godotengine.org/ and upload your project to start working. Or start a new project from the web editor. It seems really easy. It also looks like feature-wise it’s the same thing.

The Godot Engine supports exporting games to the web browser by HTML5. And the Godot editor itself is written using the Godot Engine API. So that’s why exporting the editor to the web is possible.

Godot Web Editor

But why?

One of the main reasons I was reading about was to lower the barrier of entry to new users. I guess someone is more likely to try something if they can go to a web page and try it out. Godot is already super easy to use. You just download one file and run it. But now they have also taken the download step out.

I’ve not messed with Unity or Unreal for a while but if I remember right they had a lengthy install process.

The Godot team also said they would not be going to a web-only model. I’m thankful for that. I’ll take local software over cloud/web tools any day. But I can think of a few cases where a web editor will come in handy. So I’m glad it’s an option.

More Information

For more information check out the Godot 3.3 release post here. https://godotengine.org/article/godot-3-3-has-arrived

That post has links to posts from Fabio Alessandrelli. The person behind the Godot web editor.

If you want to play with the web editor yourself then go here. https://editor.godotengine.org/

Happy Programming!

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