Put your phone down

Last week we went on vacation to the beach. I had been looking forward to it for a while because work has kind of sucked lately and I wanted some time to unplug. Then while playing in the water with my family I noticed a new trend.

A lot of people are buying these waterproof bags with windows in them. Then they put their cell phone in them and take them into the water to play on.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

I remember thinking how silly it was. Then I asked myself why can’t people put their phones down long enough to enjoy the beautiful beach?

Clear Water Florida Pier 60

Maybe I’m Not Normal

I guess I ‘m not in the majority. I’m an IT person and a tech enthusiast but I also like to disconnect. I think being online and available all the time is bad for your mind. The phone app makers also try to make their apps addicting to keep you hooked. So you keep scrolling and looking at ads. Like a cash cow coming to be milked.

Just think about it. People can’t even set on the toilet without looking at their phones (That’s why I don’t like to touch people’s phones haha). They can’t stand in a line without playing on their phone and now they can’t go swimming at the beach without taking their phone into the water.

Most people seem to have lost the ability to let their minds wander and to have deep thoughts. But I enjoy it. Like this week. I caught myself standing in the ocean looking at the horizon thinking about random things and enjoying myself. Random thoughts like what the ocean was like 1 million years ago. Or how I’d rather lose an arm or leg to a shark attack then to lose my son or wife. Then I realized I loved my family more than my own body. That line of thought would have never entered my mind if I was in the water scrolling on Facebook or Twitter.

But I’m Not Perfect

Don’t think I’m perfect. While I did delete my Facebook I still have a weakness for Pinterest. I catch myself spending too much time on it occasionally and I have to cut myself back.

I also made the mistake of turning my work phone on while on vacation and getting flooded with e-mails. It kind of ruined my mood for a bit. Lesson learned.

Sea gulls

To The Point

I guess what I’m trying to say is technology is very cool and we love it but don’t let it consume you. Just maybe if you spent less time mindlessly scrolling away on your phone you could use that time to become a better version of yourself? Or at the very least maybe you will not miss out on what is going on around you.

So put your phone down for a while and enjoy the moment.

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