Install IIS on Windows 10

Did you know you could install Internet Information Services on Windows 10? I did not know that until recently and I’m excited. Having IIS on Windows 10 is very convenient for testing and learning!

How to install IIS on Windows 10

So how do we install it? It’s easy! First open your control panel and click Uninstall a program.

Installing IIS step 1

Next click “Turn Windows features on or off” on the top left.

Installing IIS step 2

Next a Windows Features box will come up. Look for Internet Information Service and check that. Then hit OK.

Installing IIS step 3
Install completed

Windows will install IIS and it may ask you to restart.

Now IIS is on Windows 10 but how to do get to it?

Open up the start menu and type IIS or Internet Information Services. It should show up.

IIS Icon

Click that and you will see the same IIS console that you would see on windows server!

IIS on WIndows 10 Console

Now you can have fun

Now your free to have fun playing with and learning Internet Information Services on Windows 10. No need for an expensive Windows server!

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