How To Share A Calendar In Office365

In my experience the biggest thing people miss when trying to share their calendar is setting up the permissions. So I wanted to do a walkthrough on how to share a calendar in outlook with office365.

Make a New Calendar If You Need To.

If you don’t already have the calendar setup then you need to make one. You can do that by going into the calendar section of outlook. Then under the home tab you should see an icon that says “Open Calendar”. When you click that button you will have the option to make a new calendar.

Create New Blank Calendar

Setup Calendar Permissions

Now that we have a calendar we need to right click it and go to “Properties”.

Calendar Properties

In the properties window go to the permissions tab. Here you can add a new user and setup permissions or just set the default permissions like I did here. The default permissions are what applied to anyone who is not explicitly listed.

Calendar Permissions

Share the Calendar

Now that the permissions are set we can share the calendar. To do this go back to the calendar in your list and right click it. Then go to “Share” then “Share Calendar”.

Share A Calendar

Ones you do this an e-mail window will pop up. Now you just type the e-mail address of the person you want to share your calendar with and send it.

They will get an e-mail with an accept button. Ones they accept the invite your calendar will appear in their outlook calendar list.

Final Tips – This only works with other office365 accounts.

Sharing calendars will not work across e-mail services. For example, you can not send a shared calendar to someone using Gmail. This is mostly intended for people inside the same company and organization to share. There may be some way to do it but I do not know of a way off the top of my head.

If you have done this then please share the process with me in the comments below!

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