Turn off Automatic Driver Download

Most of the time the Windows 10 automatic driver download feature is a good thing and nice to have. But there are times when it can be annoying. When programming OpenGL I have downloaded a video driver that I wanted only to have Windows uninstall it so that it could install its own. There has also been a few instances were Windows 10 would automatically download a driver that had problems or just had bloatware attached to it that I did not want. Luckily Microsoft will at least let us turn this automatic update off. Unlike how painful they make it to turn off windows updates.

How to turn off the automatic driver download in Windows 10

To turn off the automatic driver updates you need to go into the control panel and into the system window. Depending on your view this could be just “System” or it could be under “System and Security”

Ones you are on this window click “Advance system settings”.
Advanced System Settings

This opens a System Properties window. Inside this window go to the “Hardware” tab then click “Device Installation Settings”.
System Properties

Then on the next screen you can tell windows to no longer download drivers automatically.
Automatic Driver Download

Now you can download and install the driver you want to use even if it is an older driver.

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