Firefox Containers

UPDATE: I no longer recommend Firefox. Mozilla used to be for a free and open web. Now they support censorship. So now I recommend Brave to my friends and family.

I found this awesome new add-on for Firefox called Firefox Multi-Account Containers. As an IT guy, it is very helpful. Using this Firefox container you can log into the same website with multiple accounts without using another browser. In the past, I would have to open another browser like IE or Chrome in order to log into the same site with another account. Now I can easily manage multiple accounts.

After I found this I asked some IT friends and no one even knew about Firefox containers! So I decided I had to share this.

I think Chrome has something like this called SessionBox that lets you log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. If you love Chrome you may want to check that out but for me, I love Mozilla Firefox so I would rather stay in Firefox if I can help it.

How Firefox Containers work

To setup Firefox containers first you need to install the add-on. This should only take a second.

Firefox Containers Logo

After it has been installed you will see a new button that looks something like this.

Firefox Containers. Manage multiple accounts

When you click that button you will see something like this.

Container Color

You can add and label containers however you like then you just click on one to start a new session inside your Firefox. You will notice that the tab has a color-coded line that tells you what container you are in.

Now inside the color tabs, you can go to office365, Twitter or whatever and log in with another account. This has come in handy a lot for my job and I bet it would come in handy for any site administrator when they need to test accounts. I bet it would even be useful for someone who works with social media and needs to manage multiple accounts.

I have fallen in love with this add-on and if you love it too then you may like another add-on I use called Firefox text to speech!

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