Planet Developer

In Planet Developer you have become the owner of a deserted planet. You need to use your skills to develop the planet into the number one destination in the galaxy!

Planet Developer Game Play

Planet Developer is the first game I have done in this genre. The planet is procedurally generated and you have to terraform the surface in order to make it more livable. Your income is based on the population of your planet but you can also sell extra resources.

There are also natural disasters that you have to be prepared for and pirate invasions you have to defend against.

As you improve your planet you will get a better rating and ones you get to a 5-star rating you win! But beware because the higher the rating the more pirates will want to attack and steal your resources!

Planet Developer Pirates

How to get a better planet rating

  • Have at least 1,000 people living on your planet.
  • Keep the temperature in the green.
  • Have a resort.
  • Get at least $1,000,000
  • Have at least 500,000 people living on your planet.

Some game play info

  • You can rename your planet to anything you would like. (This will not work in the Android version.)
  • By clicking on the resources in the GUI you can see the rate of increase or decrease to help you better plan your next move.
  • The planet shield blocks solar flares and pirates but it is a constant drain on your energy.
  • The game also auto save on close so you do not lose your progress.

How to get Planet Developer

The game and source code is available DRM free on!

Planet Developer’s page or Planet Developer for Android

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