7 Pieces of Advice For Parents

I know this is not my normal kind of post but I heard this audio clip on the radio and it got me thinking about the truly important things parents should be concerned with. I have only been doing the dad thing for 3 years so I am sure I have a lot more to learn when it comes to parenting advice. But here is my advice for parents in no particular order. Some of it based on what I heard and some of it I came up with.

Savor every moment while you have the chance.

Remember when your child comes running excitedly to see you after a long day at work? One day that will stop and all you will have is memories of it.

That may be my favorite part of the day but sometimes when I am tired and worn out from work I may not pay as much attention to it. Then later I think about how that behavior could stop at any time as he gets older and I better enjoy it while I can.

Then sometimes my back hurts and he wants me to roll around on the floor to play with him. But there will also come a day when he will not ask me to play like that anymore.

So savor everything because you can not stop the flow of time.

Smell your child while you can.

This may be a weird one. Some people think babies smell good. I don’t go around smelling babies so I don’t know but I like the smell of mine. Even now I enjoy the smell of my 3-year old’s skin and hair. Maybe I am weird I don’t know but I also know he will not smell like a child forever.

Write down some of the crazy things they say.

My son has said some of the funniest and cutest things I ever heard. Then a few weeks later when I am talking about it I can’t recall the right wording he used. So, I started trying to write down what he says so I can remember it forever.

Time flies by so don’t blink.

Savor every mess, every kiss, every hug, every excited expression on their face. They are only young for a very short time then it is over. The sloppy wet kisses and messy hugs may not always be my favorite thing but I am told they will be something I will miss when he gets older and they stop coming. So, I try to remember that fact when I must wipe the slime off my face after a big kiss.

Take lots of pictures.

Make a lot of memories and take lots of pictures. So much stuff happens all the time it is easy to forget the little moments. Pictures will help you remember them forever. Just make sure you are not spending so much time behind the camera that you are not a part of those memories.

Remember you do not have to be perfect.

This could be the best advice for parents. Especially new ones. Nobody knows what they are doing when they become a parent. It is on the job training and we all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them.

Keep the right perspective.

At the end of life, no one wishes they would have gone to work more or (insert another thing here). They always want more time with their family. I think if you just try to keep the big picture in perspective it will help you make better decisions about how you spend your time.

Update: Audio that started this post

I heard this audio clip on the radio from a life insurance ad and it is what got me thinking about the subject. I finally found it online so I wanted to share it as well.

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