Disable Offline Files

Ones in a while I get a call from a windows user who has gone remote offsite and when they connect to the VPN their file shares are showing old data. I am not 100% sure what triggers this to happen but I always just disable offline files. It just seems to take me a few minutes each time to remember how to do it so I wanted to document the process here.

Step 1: Find Sync Center

Sync Center location

In Windows 10 the first step is to go to the control panel. I always use the old fashion view. So I am not sure where it is in the category view. But you are looking for something called Sync Center.

Step 2: Go into “Manage offline files”

Manage offline files location

Next find the “Manage offline files” link on the left side of the window and click it.

Step 3: Disable

Disable offline files

Now you just need to click the button to disable offline files.

Step 4: Restart

At this point the computer will want to restart. After the restart the share should show the current files correctly when connected to the VPN.

I suspect there is some shortcut to turning this on that the users stumble upon but I am not sure what it is. I just know it never seems to work very well in our environment of constantly updating files. So for me turning it off seems to be the best solution.

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