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My Journey To Self-Reliance

Having the ability to be self-reliant is very important. This does not mean you have to do and make everything yourself. But being overly reliant on anything other then God can be a real disadvantage. While self-reliance can be a big advantage. My Story Trying to remember back I think I started moving to this Continue Reading »

New Content Coming

Today I’ve decided that I ‘m going to start posting a larger variety of new content starting with this post. The Reason The truth is I’ve been battling in my mind for years on what the focus or theme of this site should be. I originally set it up as a tech blog back in Continue Reading »

I Miss Internet Forums

Forums, also known as message boards, are an awesome way to communicate and store information for a long time. You can easily search up old topics and discussions if your looking for information. Also because of the asynchronous nature of forums it’s easy to communicate with people in all time zones. Today I ran across Continue Reading »

Shower Thoughts

The other day while on a walk he topic of shower thoughts came up. I don’t remember how but my son asked me what they were so I attempted to explain them as random things that come to you mind when your mind if free to wonder. Like when your in the shower and don’t Continue Reading »