Delete Discord Chat History

Have you ever wanted to purge your chat history in discord? Maybe you’re worried about what someone could learn if they got ahold of years of your chat history in a data leak? Or maybe your worried about something you said yesterday becoming politically incorrect tomorrow? Well there is a solution to bulk delete discord chat history and it’s called Undiscord.

I don’t think most people realize how much personal information could be in years of chat history. Little off hand comments about your life that alone are harmless. But if gathered up could reveal a lot more about you than you intended. So why take a chance? Let’s delete it.


Delete Discord Chat History with undiscord.

I found this tool called undiscord and thought it was neat. And it’s a shame Discord does not have something like this built in.

How it works

Basically it works by injecting a script into the web page using a browser plugin to add the bulk delete functionality. But this can be dangerous because you’re allowing someone else’s code to do things as your account. Luckily this project is open source so you can check over the code before you do anything with it.

Getting started

Because I use Brave I went with the Violentmonkey extension. This is what will inject the script into the site.

Next follow the steps on the page to get it setup.

After that it adds a trashcan icon to the discord window in the browser and you can click that and setup what you want to delete.


I find that setting the delete delay to 3000 works well for me. Otherwise discord gets mad and I don’t want to risk a ban or something.

Setting undiscord delays


And to be on the safe side when you’re done you can disable the plugin and script in your browser. Or just uninstall it.


If you’re still using an unsecured chat like Discord at least this might make it a little safer. But be sure to check out alternatives like XMPP, Signal, Matrix, Session, and Nexcloud Talk.

Happy chatting!

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