Newegg’s Customer Support Problem

My order history goes back to 2012 on Newegg and I feel like I used them before that too. Maybe they cut off history after 10 years. I have never had any problems but it seems like they might be having some customer service issues now. The last time I used Newegg was 2020 and I did not have any problems. But because I have suggested them many times I feel obligated to send out a warning on the news I’ve been hearing.


But instead of me rehashing what I heard it might be better for you to hear it directly from the people in the middle of this. So here are some videos.

Gamers Nexus

I first heard about this when a friend sent me videos from Gamers Nexus. I will put them in order of date so you can see the history.

Feb 1 2022
Feb 10 2022
Feb 15 2022
Feb 21 2022


Feb 23 2022

I Hope Newegg Fixes Things.

I have always liked Newegg and I would much rather use them over Amazon. I would rather support any site over Amazon if I can. But they are not helping their case much right now. If Newegg did this to me they would loss a lifetime customer. So I truly hope they get things fixed.

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