Is Microsoft Pluton Bad News?

I heard news the other day of a new security chip Microsoft is pushing called Pluton. It sounds like bad news. This chip will be embedded into the CPUs and it looks like it can not be turned off by the user. It also seems to be blocking Linux installs.

Microsoft Pluton

No longer owning your own hardware?

It kind of sounds like Microsoft is making a push to control all our hardware. Will Desktops and Laptops be locked down like iPhones? Will this be a back door for spying? Maybe unbreakable DRM on everything? I’m not sure yet. But there is a lot of bad talk going on about it.

I for one will not buy any CPU that will not let me install what I want to install. That is something I guess I will have to start researching now before I buy something.

Videos on Microsoft Pluton

Because I don’t have a lot of hard facts yet I will refer you to some other people talking about it. When I learn more I will make updates.

Maybe there is nothing to worry about?

Maybe everyone is over reacting? That could be true. I figure in the coming months as more of these chips reach the public we will learn a lot more. So I guess we wait and see what happens.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on Microsoft Pluton.

1 thought on “Is Microsoft Pluton Bad News?

  1. Boycott Microsoft Movement

    This a War Declaration against Freedom,Microsoft must learn a Lesson,does not matter how hard it will be,we must toss this company inside the Trashcan of the History of Technology for Ever.


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