A New Witcher Game

Today CD Projekt Red announced a new Witcher game on their blog. There is not a lot of info about it but it appears to be something along the lines of a Witcher 4 and not a spin off. All we have to go on is the image that says “The Witcher A New Saga Begins”.


One of the rumors I am hearing is that this game will be about Ciri. This be because of the way Witcher 3 ended and the image released with the announcement.

The Witcher A new Saga begins

This is not the normal wolf medallion we are used to. I heard that Ciri owns a cat medallion and some people think this is it. But to be honest I don’t remember this from the Witcher games so I’m not sure.

New Game Engine

They are making a big deal about not using the REDengine and instead using Unreal Engine 5. I see this as kind of a disappointment. I always liked the REDengine. It was very good at using all the cores on a multi-core CPU. Maybe also one of the first engines to do this well. I also thought it was nice to have more engine variety out there.

Also games developed with unreal engine have to pay royalties to Epic. That seems like a bad deal when you make games as big as Witcher 3? But I guess after some of the issues with Cyberpunk 2077 maybe they thought this was a good PR move?

I guess being a Linux guy I’m just not that big of a fan of Epic. Hopefully they do not go epic games store exclusive.

Not much info

Anyway there is not really any more info to talk about. At this point we would all just be guessing so I guess we just wait and see. If you have any more info or rumors I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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