You need to update your routers firmware

This month 226 security vulnerabilities were reported in various brands of WiFi routers. This includes big names like Netgear, Asus, D-link. TP-Link, and more.

Luckily it sounds like the router vendors have all released updates for affected models.

So log into your router right now or as soon as you can and look for firmware updates. I checked for updates on mine as soon as I seen this story and found a new update available.

Otherwise you may be making it easier for someone to attack your router and get inside your network or add your router to a bot net.

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Don’t be like most people

Most people buy a router, hook it up, and use the default WiFi settings to connect. A lot of these people never log into the router itself. I know this from dealing with my own family and from talking to a friend who works at an ISP.

Not only are all the passwords left to their defaults but the router is already out of date by the time you get it. Who knows how long they have been setting in a warehouse.

So the first thing I tell someone who is getting a new router is to log in and update the firmware.

Then I would suggest changing the routers default password to something you can remember.

Regularly check for new router firmware

I would suggest checking for new router firmware at least every few months. I don’t have a set schedule myself so I should do better. I’m thinking maybe I will add this to my monthly update weekend routine. When I update windows servers and check my Linux systems for updates.

I think some routers also have an auto update feature. That might be worth looking into as well.

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