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In February I switched my phone plan to Patriot Mobile because I liked what they stood for. I also no longer wanted to support a company like Google with their Google Fi network. I was kind of nervous about the coverage at first. But believe it or not, the Patriot Mobile network works better for me than Google Fi.

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Network Coverage

When I used Google Fi my phone would lose service inside my house and in random places around my town. That made my wife upset when she was trying to call me. I had to manually set or reset the network settings in order for it to connect on a number of occasions.

When I got the SIM card for Patriot Mobile I put it into my Pixel 3a and it worked perfectly. This is the very same phone that had issues with the Google FI network. So needless to say I am impressed.

I’ve also traveled a few times with it now and I have not had any issues getting service. I think they use the sprint/t-mobile network. But it’s funny because Google Fi said they used the same network and the coverage was much worse.


The bill is a few dollars higher but I can use 3x as much data for the same price. I also don’t mind it being a few dollars higher because I know they support and donate to christian and conservative causes.

Right now my bill is around $37 a month for the 3 GB data plan.

Customer service

The customer service is also super nice and helpful but getting help over the phone may not always be convenient if your phone is having issues. I guess that’s the cost of not having a physical store you can go to. So that’s something to keep in mine.

When I switched my phone number over to their service I ran into an issue where my phone went out for a little bit. I called them on my wife’s phone and they worked out the problem very quickly.

When that happen I thought I had made a mistake switching. But since then I’ve had nothing but great service so I think it was a fluke.

Try Patriot Mobile

If you’re still reading then I’d say try it! Stop sending money to Big Tech and let your money go to good causes. Worse case you can always switch back. There’s no contract forcing you to stay with them.

8 thoughts on “Patriot Mobile Review

  1. Kenneth Culpepper

    I switched from Verizon to patriot mobile. Needless to say I cancelled my phone service with Verizon. So they sent me a sim card that couldn’t work. They wouldn’t refund the 10 dollars or they didn’t even try to send me a new SIM card with a new number. I waited 4 days for the sim card it still hasn’t made it and it’s unable to use. I didn’t expect a free month I didn’t expect anything crazy. To claim to be Christian conservatives they put 25 Dollars above a life time customer. They are big talkers but when it comes to walking the walk they are just like anyone else. Needless to say Verizon a liberal outfit offered three times the things I wanted. Would not recommend patriot mobile for even my worst enemy if I had one.

    1. Zack Post author

      Hi Kenneth. Sounds like you had some bad luck. 🙁

      I had a sim card issue on my phone recently. I did a factory reset on my phone and never could get data back. (phone calls worked but not data) When I called support they said it had something to do with the sprint network being closed down and everything switching to t-mobile.

      They sent me a new SIM card for free right away. Granted I had to wait a few days for it to show up. That was a little inconvenient but I guess that’s what happens when there are no physical stores you can visit.

      Overall I’m still happy with the service. I guess I don’t mind it being a little inconvenient if the company is supporting good causes.

    2. Drizzle

      Not even to your worst enemy? Really? Because they didn’t send you a working SIM and didn’t refund $10? Talk about 1st world problems. Either you are speaking in hyperbole or you have significant socio/emotional problems.

  2. Marni

    Patriot mobile is great “IF” you have no problems. You have to wait on the phone for over an hour. Every time I have called which as been about 6 times, they have never helped me with any problem. I just had to live with it. Too bad they stand for such a good purpose , but I don’t think the frustration of waiting and no resolution is helpful for anyone’s nerves. The CS was checking into something put me on hold and then hung up. never called me back.

  3. Jack

    Patriot mobile uses big tech network, just an excuse to profit from Christians they’re cheaper options out there

    1. Zack Post author

      Hi Jack

      At least for me it’s not all about the price but what they stand for and support.

      Like under price were I said. “I also don’t mind it being a few dollars higher because I know they support and donate to christian and conservative causes.”

      I think the point is we know extra money is not going to causes we don’t believe in.

      Also unfortunately I don’t think its possible to get away from the big tech networks 100%.

      But if price is your main concern then I’m sure there are other options out there. Maybe something like

  4. Dave kurtz

    Some of the Reviews seem very FAKE 🥸 AND THE WAITING on line for 1hour and then Being DROPPED 😱 and NO CALL ☎️ BACK ; very very BAD WAY To start what could have Been A very LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP; SOOO very SHORT SIGHTED; ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS what we do in OUR HASTE; will be REGRETTED in our LEISURE 🤑

    1. Zack Post author

      Hey Dave. To be honest I’ve been surprised by some of the negative feedback. Maybe I just got lucky? But I think it’s important to hear the good and the bad so I’m glad you left a comment!


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