Google Knows If Your Staying Home

Google has released a COVIN-19 community mobility report. The data is based on cell phone locations to show where people are spending their time. We all knew they could do this but it is another reminder of how much Google knows. By the simple act of carrying a cell phone, you are throwing away a lot of privacy and revealing tons of information about you and your habits.

The Good News

The reports show data by country and breaks down all the way to cities. Overall it looks like people are going out less and trying to mitigate the spread of COVIN-19.

Here is a screenshot I took from what Google knows about the United States.

United States COVID-19 Mobility Report.

View The Reports For Yourself

They announced the report in a blog post on April 3rd. You can find it here:

If you want a closer look at the reports you can find them here:

Privacy Focused Smartphone

Now may also be a good time to think about getting a smartphone that’s not tracking your every move haha. I know the people at Purism have been working on the Librem 5 for this very purpose. It would not hurt to at least check it out.

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