Nextcloud Calender on Android

I have been playing with Nextcloud for a few months and I am really enjoying it. There is even a handy Nextcloud calendar app! But the problem was I had to log in to Nextcloud to look at it. So I started searching for ways to sync the calendar with my phone and this is what I found.


Making Your Android Compatible

The Nextcloud Calendar uses a protocol called CalDAV to sync. The problem with that is Android has no native support for CalDAV. Therefore in order to sync with Android, we are going to need some help.

That is where an app called DAVx5 comes in. DAVx5 acts like a middle man between your nextcloud calender and your android calendar. DAVx5 will talk to Nextcloud then take the information it got and put it into the calendar on your phone.

I have tested this on my Nexus 5X and Google Pixel 2 and it works fine on both. So I feel like it should work on any modern Android phone.

How to get DAVx5

DAVx5 is free and opensource and you can download it from F-Droid. It is also available on the official google play store but it cost $4.69 there.

On their site, they say DAVx5 is open-source and free. ” However, it was and still is much work to create and maintain DAVx⁵, so we have decided to put it in commercial stores for a small fee. If you want to support this project, please donate to DAVx⁵ or purchase it.”

How to set it all up

Now that we have the app on our phone we can look at how to set it up.

First we open the app and hit the plus button to add our account.


Next we log in with a URL and user name.

DAVx5 Nextcloud login

The URL you need is the CalDAV address of your Nextclould calendar. Log into Nextcloud and go to your calendar and click the gear on the bottom left. It should pop up and look something like this.

Nextcloud CallDAV address

I have hidden my address here but yours should be in the address box below where it says “Primary CalDAV address”.

Type that into DAVx5 along with your nextcloud username and password. Follow the on screen instructions and you should end up at this screen.

Calendar Sync

Make sure you put a check box on the calendar you want to sync and for good measure hit the refresh button. If all works well then your Nextcloud calendar items will now be showing on your phone!

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