Gift Ideas for Geeks

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for someone who’s a technology or gaming enthusiast. My wife tells me all the time she has no idea what to get me for my birthday or Christmas. So most of the time I have to tell her what I want haha.

That got me thinking that there are probably a lot of other people in the same position as my wife. So I thought I’d make a simple list of the things I like and what I think other people like me might enjoy. If nothing else maybe it’ll give you some ideas!

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4

A Raspberry Pi is a tiny full function computer that’s a lot of fun to play with. There are 1000s of projects out there people have built with them! Everything from making your own tablet computer to making an arcade machine.

I love my Raspberry pi and use it weekly. I myself use mine as an inexpensive server but the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget the micro SD card and power cable. The base Raspberry Pi does not come with them.


I played with these so much my fingers started to hurt! This would be a fun toy for just about anyone! They were also banned in the USA for a while so there’s a good chance this is not something your friends already have. Out of all the gift ideas, I think this one may be the most unique!

Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers

You may need to know if your friend would even use calipers but I find mine super handy. My Dad was going on and on about how he liked mine when we were working on some plumbing. So this year for Christmas I plan on getting him a set.


GoPro Hero Session

A few years back I wanted a video camera to record family things. I decided to go with a GoPro and I am so happy I did. With it being waterproof I’ve taken it in the pool, the beach and let my son swim with it. It is one of the best investments I’ve made and I think it is an excellent gift idea!

Small 6 Can Mini Fridge

My wife got me a small mini-fridge a few years back and I love it! The inside can hold 6 soda cans on their side so it’s not very big. But it’s the perfect size to keep a drink or small snack cold without taking up a lot of space. I keep mine on my desk at work.

Mine is an igloo brand but I can’t find it anymore. So maybe they stop making that one? But the one I linked to above looks like it’s basically the same thing. There are also a few other brands so it might be worth shopping around for a good price.

Geek and Gaming T-Shirts

T-Shirt gift ideas

If you do not like any of the ideas so far then why not get a cool t-shirt? Everyone loves cool t-shirts! There are lots of good places to get them but you can try Gamespot, Jinx, and Redbubble to name a few.

Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gamers can be hard to buy for if you are not a gamer yourself. There so many games coming out daily it is hard to know what someone might be interested in.


For that reason, it may be best to go with gift cards when it comes to gaming. Unless you plan on spending a lot of money and buying a console like a Nintendo Switch.

Steam Gift Card

Do you have a PC gaming friend or family member? A steam gift card may be the perfect gift! Steam is kind of the standard when it comes to a PC gaming market place and it is what I use for most of my PC gaming purchases.

PlayStation Gift Card

Maybe your friends are into console gaming more? If they have a Playstation then a gift card for that store may be the best idea!

Xbox Gift Card

If your friend is more into Xbox gaming then an Xbox gift card is the way to go!

Nintendo Gift Card

We can’t leave out an option for the Nintendo fans out there!

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