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My home internet is not very good and I also have bandwidth caps. So I have to find creative ways to do things in the online world. Recently I found a program that will download every video on a YouTube channel so that I can take them home and enjoy them later.


A python script called youtube-dl can be used to download youtube videos by command line. Simply give it the commands to tell it to do what you want it to do and set back and watch.


How to use youtube-dl

My setup is Windows-based but because this is in Python it should work on any OS that supports Python. The full command I ended up using looks like this.

youtube-dl.exe -f bestvideo+bestaudio --o "../%%(upload_date)s - %%(title)s.%%(ext)s"

How the command works

The “-f bestvideo+bestaudio” tells the script to download the best audio and video formats that are available.

After that you put in the URL of the YouTube channel you want to download.

That is all you have to do it you want the videos to download in the same folder with default names. But I like to put the date in the name so that I can sort them by date. I also like to put them in another folder so that the youtube-dl stuff is not mixed in. To do that we need to use an output template. Mine looks like this.

--o "../%%(upload_date)s - %%(title)s.%%(ext)s

The “../” tells the program to go up one folder and save the videos there.

Then “%%(upload_date)s – %%(title)s.%%(ext)s” tells it to name the videos with the date and title and to put the video extension at the end. Because I am using the Windows command line I need to use two % symbols and not just one.

Enjoy Your Offline Videos

youtube-dl folder

Now when your offline or in a place with bad internet you can still catch up on your favorite YouTube channels!

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