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UPDATE: I no longer recommend Firefox. Mozilla used to be for a free and open web. Now they support censorship. So now I recommend Brave to my friends and family.

Data breaches seem like they are in the news weekly nowadays. It happens so much it is easy to overlook or miss a data breach that may involve you. But Mozilla has come out with a new tool called Firefox Monitor that may help with that.

Has your account info been stolen?

Firefox Monitor Logo

Firefox monitor partnered with have i been pwned to help keep your online information safe. Simply enter your e-mail address and it will tell you if that address has been seen in any online data breach.

It looks like it basically does the same thing as the “have I been pwnd” page. But with the backing of Mozilla, I think more people are likely to trust it. I for one do not put my e-mail address into services I do not know.

Having the Mozilla name behind it also boot awareness. Out of the 3.1 billion e-mail addresses in the database only around 2 million e-mails are being watched by users. Troy Hunt the creator of the database said in a blog post “clearly, I’m barely scratching the surface. However, that scope is about to expand dramatically via 2 new partnerships which I’m announcing today, starting with Firefox”

How Firefox monitor works

You can simply just search for your e-mail address but the thing I think they are pushing is the subscription service. This way you can get notifications anytime your addresses appear in a new data breach.

To check it out just head on over to the Firefox Monitor page, put in your e-mail address, and give it a test drive! Then if you want you can sign up to have your addresses monitored automatically.

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