Arduino Arc Reactor

Here is an Arduino Arc Reactor I was for Halloween. It has a potentiometer that you turn to switch the mode of the LEDs from flicker, pulse, or solid. I used an Arduino to program the ATTiny85. Ones I finished it I ended up giving it to a friend. So I am not 100% sure on the capacitor’s values. Anything close to 450uF should be fine and depending on the power supply you may not need them at all.

Arduino Arc Reactor

Part List:
– 2 resistors (10 Ohms hook to LEDs and 470 Ohms hooked to potentiometer)
– 10k Ohm Potentiometer
– LM7805C 5 volt regulator
– 2 small Capacitors (I think I used 450uF)
– ATTiny85 and 8-Pin IC socket
– PC Board terminal
– 8 white LEDs
– Round ProtoBoard

Arduino Code: Download
Adafruit Post:

(07/19/2017) Update: The link on the Adafruit page is pointing to an old location on my site that no longer works.


Arc Reactor testing
Arc Reactor testing


Arc Reactor building
Arc Reactor building

Finished Arduino Arc Reactor

Arduino Arc Reactor
Arc Reactor back
Arduino Arc Reactor

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