Guest Posting Policy

Great Content

Sysjolt is something I created as a personal blog and it has a special place in my heart. I care a lot about being truthful in everything that is posted. I also have a lot of respect for my readers.

That being said expect me to be picky about what is posted. I don’t want anything that appears to be spam and most of all it needs to be helpful and/or entertaining for the readers.

It also has to be clean and SFW (safe for work).

Unique Content

The content needs to be unique to Sysjolt as well. I don’t want to deal with plagiarism or copy-write issues. So if it’s not unique I will not post it.


Hopefully you have looked at the site and figured this out already. This site is about technology, cyber security, online privacy, tech tutorials, gaming, and overall tech/nerd type stuff.

I also have a “life” category but that one might be tricky for you to target because it’s not well defined in my head. So it might be best to stick with the others. 🙂

I won’t accept post that are completely off theme with the rest of the site.


I don’t mind links as long as they are relevant and useful to the readers. I do check links from time to time to make sure they are still working. If I find they are broken or have been redirected to something not relevant I will remove them from the post.


I also do not mind self-promotion. I’d like it to be at the end of the post so that it is clear who wrote the post and to make sure you get the credit.

Also one line at the start of the post would be fine to. Something like “This guest post is by John Doe of


I already have a few guest post you can check out here to see how they work.

Contact Me

If your interested in writing a guest post for Sysjolt then make sure you understand the policy and expectations before you contact me. Thank You.