We can all agree that mailing list pop-ups on every site asking for you to sign up are super annoying. So you will not find that here. Instead, if you are interested in being on the mailing list then you will have to fill out this old fashion form. Sometimes the old ways are best.

What Is In The Newsletter?

The newsletter has exclusive content that is not found anywhere else on Sysjolt.

For example:

  • Awesome things I learned or discovered over the last month.
  • Any tech or gaming deals I have found.
  • Sum up of any important news over the last month. (i.e. Security alerts.)
  • Interesting content that was too short for a full post. No reason to pad out 300 + words when 50 will do.

How Often Is The Newsletter Sent Out?

No more than once a month. I am committed to making the newsletter awesome and not spammy.

Simply put. If I do not have anything of value to share then a newsletter will not be sent out.

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