New Content Coming

Today I’ve decided that I ‘m going to start posting a larger variety of new content starting with this post.

New Content on the horizon.

The Reason

The truth is I’ve been battling in my mind for years on what the focus or theme of this site should be. I originally set it up as a tech blog back in 2017 and I fully enjoyed that. But I have a lot of other things I want to write about as well. But somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that blogs “HAD” to have a topic theme or focus to be successful.

So there has been lots of things over the years I wanted to post and talk about but I did not because it did not fit my theme. But the funny thing is the few off topic things I have snuck in have performed very well.

So today I decided i’m going to try something new. This is my site so I should just post whatever i’m interested in. I guess you could say the new theme is me?

The Start Of New Things

I’m sure not everyone will like everything and that’s fine. You can skip over the content you don’t like. It might also hurt my SEO. That’s what people say anyway but I don’t really care about that.

Just the thoughts of this freedom has already made me feel more excited about writing then I have been in a while. That also means I will probably be able to post more!

So we will see what happens! I hope you stick around and enjoy.

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