Was the Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of information coming out in the last few month or so about the Covid-19 vaccine. I always thought it was a red flag that they were pushing this vaccine so hard and making people lose there jobs and such if they did no comply. But now this.

I pray it’s not true but the information seems to keep piling up. Instead of telling you about it I will just link you to the source were you can hear and see it for yourself.

12 new safety signals showing devastating dangers from COVID shots (01-23-2023)

It looks like the more shots you have the more at risk you become?

Vaccination doses



Warning: These videos can be disturbing.

IgG4 Antibodies After Booster (01-05-2023)

Broken immune response after mRNA?

Covid-19: The Plandemic (12-14-2022)

Jimmy Evans talks to Billy Crone.

Died Suddenly Documentary (11-21-2022)

Undertaker Explains “Mysterious” Clotting Phenomenon (11-2-2022)

Interview with John O’Looney.

Do your own research

I’m not going to input my own thoughts here too much. I will let the videos speak for themselves. We should not just take someones word as true no matter what there politics are or how many degrees they hold. I encourage you to do your own research. Learn for yourself and make your own decisions. That is truly the best way.

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