6 Tips For Working From Home

With the spread of COVID-19 the company I work for has decided on a mandatory 2 weeks working from home. A lot of the office has never worked from home before so there has been some panic. But overall we are stumbling along.

I have worked from home many times in the past but I have also run into issues this time around. Mostly dealing with my internet. I guess the ISP’s are getting hit hard right now with all the working from home mandates due to the coronavirus.

So I thought I would share some working from home tips that might help you out.

6 Tip for Working From Home

Home Office
Home office

Be patient

Things are not going to go as smoothly as they do in the office. Not to mention the fact that a lot of schools are closed right now. So you might even have your kids to deal with. You just need to take your time and do what you can do.

Also, keep in mind other people you work with are dealing with the same issues.

Get An Early Start

When your remote things can go wrong. It is a good idea to get up earlier then you think you need to. This way you can make sure everything is working. You’re not going to be able to call an IT guy to come running to your desk when you are home.

Having time to deal with problems will lower stress and start you off for a better day.

Get Dressed

While it might be nice to work in your pajamas it could be a bad idea. Getting dressed sets you up mentally and maybe subconsciously to get work done. While being in pajamas may cause you to slack off.

Set Expectation With The People You Live With

With schools closed and other jobs working from home, there is a good chance you are not alone. Be clear about expectations and boundaries. Like telling someone to wait till your off the phone or at lunch before asking you a question.

I remember when my son was 4. He ran into my office while I was on the phone and yelled: “I need to poop!”. But he was 4 so there was not much I could do about that one haha.

Take Breaks And Move Around

When I work from home I tend to work harder. Maybe I am trying to prove I am not slacking or something. But our bodies are not meant to sit at a desk all day long. You probably move more then you think when you’re in the office. Like walking over to someone’s desk or taking a walk to get some coffee.

So make some time to move around. Take the dog out to use the bathroom, get up and stretch. This will also help with stress.

Remove Distractions

It might not be a good idea to have the TV on. Or to be using social media when your working from home. Multitasking is bad for you and distractions can sneak up on you. Before you know it you have lost lots of time. So be mindful about where you are putting your attention.

Bonus Tip

If you own a vehicle you might want to start it up at least ones a week. Then drive it around or let it run for a bit. This will keep the battery charged up so that you can start your car when you need to. This will also circulate oils and fluids to help keep everything in good condition.

We can do it!

Working from home with my cat Marshmallow.
Working from home with my cat Marshmallow.

The coronavirus will pass and sooner or later things will return to normal. I am sure we can all deal with a little inconvenience while trying not to spread the virus more.

Also, let’s make sure our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who can not work from home. I am sure there will be people hurting financially as well as the businesses they work for. It is going to be tough on a lot of people.

Normally at this point, I would suggest a charity I trust but I don’t know of one for what is going on now. So be good humans and help someone out if you are able to!

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