The Power of Sleep and Dreams

I enjoy sleep like any adult but I never knew how important it was until I started reading a book called “Why We Sleep“. It is crazy how much sleep can do for us and how not getting enough can mess up our body and mind. Even if you feel fine! The information in this book is so important that I had to make a post about it. So I guess this is a book review? Whatever this is I wanted to get the word out.

Here are a few things I learned!

Sleep Fights Cancer!

Not getting a full night’s sleep causes the number of cancer-fighting cells in your body to drop.

Sleep affects IQ

Sleep directly affects IQ and creativity. It also has a big role in memory. When you sleep your brain offloads memories into long term storage. And when you dream your brain makes connections between unrelated memories. Kind of like a reverse google search. This causes you to be more creative.

Sleep affects body weight

If you’re not getting enough sleep your body hormones get messed up and it causes you to gain weight a whole lot easier.

Sleep affects your morality

In the book, it also talked about how people who were underslept lied more in test.

Sleep affects your health in just about every way

Did you know the one day of the year with the most average reports of heart attacks is the same day we lose an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time? The day we gain an hour is the day with the lowest average reports of heart attacks. That alone should tell you something about the difference 1 hour of sleep can make.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker Ph.D

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker Ph.D.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker is probably the best book I’ve read in 2019. It has so much good and vital information in it that I think everyone should read it! In fact, I wish the information in this book was taught in grade school. That’s how important I think the info is.

You can find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and I’d highly suggest it!

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