Let’s Play Vampyr

I’ve been craving a new RPG game after beating Final Fantasy XV. Then last week I had a wild idea that I’d record a Let’s Play to see if I like doing it or not. That was around the same time I saw Vampyr in a steam sale. Perfect timing and a vampire game on top of that. This should hold me over until Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 comes out!

I knew nothing about the game before I started. I’ve intentionally avoided info on the game because I didn’t want to ruin the fun of discovering things on my own. So far it has been a lot of fun!

This is my first time doing a Let’s Play so I’ve had some audio issues but I think I have it down by part 3. I also have bandwidth limits so I normally have to travel somewhere in order to upload. That means the videos tend to be posted in batches.

Let’s Play Vampyr


My Let’s Play Vampyr series is on YouTube and on BitChute for the people who do not like Google or YouTube.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to give me feedback!

Part 1 – Eternal Thirst

Becoming a vampire and learning the game. William Bishop boss fight.

Part 2 – Night Shift

Checking out the morgue and the John Doe boss fight.

Part 3 – Exploring Pembroke Hospital

Exploring Pembroke Hospital and meeting the NPCs.

Part 4 – A Rat In The Hospital

The “A Rat In The Hospital” quest and the Sewer Beast boss fight. This one gave me a lot of trouble until I decided to spend some points to level up.

Part 5 – Blackmail In Whitechapel

Part 6 – The Eye Was In The Tomb

Part 7 – The Sad Saint Of The East End

After not playing for a few weeks I felt like I had a hard time with combat. But I got the quest done.

Part 8 – Give A Dog A Bad Name

I switched to Linux before this one and that took a bit of time to set up so I had not played for a while. But I think the game is running well on Linux with Steam’s Proton.

Part 9 – Red Rivers

Part 10 – Burying The Past

The Mary boss fight. The voice acting and character animation for Mary was very good. I enjoyed all the details they put into the body language of this character. I just wish my audio did not get messed up.

Part 11

Coming soon.

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