7 Reason Why You Should Use Email For Communication

In today’s world, there are countless methods to communicate with someone online. But no matter what platform you are using it will never beat email in the sheer number of users or ease of use.

So I am here to explain why email communication is superior and why we should use it more!


Everybody Has An E-Mail Address

Almost every online service requires an email address to sign up. So if someone is on another communication platform then they have an address. In fact, anyone doing anything online should have an email address. Even my dairy farmer father-in-law has an address and the only thing he does is look at the weather.

Everyone Uses Email Communication

Because our e-mail addresses are tied to other services we check and read our email often. But it may or may not be true that we check social network messages as often.

Even if someone is always using a social network things tend to get ignored and buried. With the constant flood of new information always coming in it is hard to get noticed.

It can also be annoying to have messages coming at you from dozens of sources. Some sources may not get as much attention but email is fundamental to so many things. So it always gets attention.

Email is Asynchronous Communication

One nice thing about email is you can send a message then go on about your business. The person on the other end is not required to be there on standby to receive your message. If they are busy then it will wait in their inbox until they are ready to look at it.

Email also works well for people that have bad or slow internet connections. If a data connection is lost the emails can queue up and be sent and received when a data connection is restored.

E-Mail is Easy

Because email is not tied to any one company it has had many developments and is available anywhere.

You can check your mail from a webpage, a dedicated client like Outlook or Thunderbird, and there are countless email apps for smartphones.

Own Your Contact List

If some platform decides to close down or to kick you off their network then all your contacts go away as well. Agree with it or not but we have seen social networks ban Users. So why not keep your own contact list instead of putting your fate in someone else’s hands? At the very least make a backup.


Email communication can also be safer and more private than other forms of communication. If you have your own e-mail server or your hosting your e-mail on a privacy-focused host then you have control over who sees it. But if you are using something like Gmail or a social network then you do not really have any guarantee of privacy.

If your interested there are a few e-mail host that focus on privacy like Proton Mail1791 Mail, and StartMail.

Update (9-14-2021)Proton Mail may now be keeping logs.

But even on something like Gmail you can still use PGP to encrypt your mail so Google can not scan it to sell you more ads.

E-Mail Has Stood The Test of Time

E-mail has been around since 1970 and it is still going strong. It is entirely possible that you could keep the same email address for over 30 years if you own the domain it is using.

Unlike Social networks, chat rooms, web forums or any other platform, e-mail is just a protocol. Because it is just a protocol no company is in control over it and no platform can shut it down or abandoned it. If you own your own domain then you can simply move your email address to another email service. Or you could host your own e-mail server.

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