4 Writing Steps For The Dyslexic Blogger

I am sure it is no secret to anyone who has read my blog that I fight with dyslexia. Reading was never as big of problem for me but I have always had a very hard time with spelling. After years of writing for school, gaming, and work I have been able to memorize a lot of word spellings. So I can mostly communicate through writing now.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to push myself to write more in the hopes I would become better at it. But I still run into stuff I am not sure how to write. Thankfully I was born in a time with cool technology like spell check.


Over the last few years, I have developed a writing workflow and I have found some cool tools that work well with my dyslexia. So I thought I would share in case there is someone else out there like me that struggles with writing.

Step 1: Word Processor

Microsoft Word

The first thing I do is write up a draft of my post in something like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This catches a lot of the more simple errors I make and helps me get a fill for how the post will flow.

Step 2: Grammarly


Then I copy what I wrote over to the online word press editor. This allows the Grammarly Firefox plugin to kick in and find a lot more mistakes and errors I have made. Grammarly is powered by AI and picks up things that the word processor missed. But some things it suggests I am not sure I agree with so I may ignore them.

Step 3: Hemingway


Now I copy the whole post over to http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ and see if it has any suggestions. I make changes, re-write parts and maybe even remove some things. I see how good I can get it to score in Hemingway but there may also be suggestions I do not agree with. So in those cases, I think about them for a while and I may skip over them.

Step 4: Text to Voice Software

Text to speech logo

The last thing I do is have software read my writing back to me. This may be my favorite and most useful tool! I have found lots of mistakes this way that I seem to read right over when I read it myself. It also helps me catch things that other tools have missed.

While writing this post I found I was missing a few words in the middle of a few paragraphs and none of the other writing tools seem to pick up on it. But when I heard them read back to me I instantly knew something was wrong. Even with my dyslexia I knew something was missing.

Sometimes I Redo a Step

If I make any major changes in any of these steps I may go back and re-check things with some of the tools. Otherwise, I am ready to post!

Worth The Extra Work

For me this process is worth the extra work it takes to make sure I put out something of good quality. But it is still not a perfect process.

So I still make a point to do a kind of audit on old post ones in a while to see if I can catch any mistakes. Just the other day I found the word “thank” instead of “think” in one of my posts. And I am sure there are a lot more little problems that I will hopefully find and correct one day.

I Hope This Helps Someone!

This is the workflow and tools I use. I am sure they are not perfect. I am also sure there are other tools out there that could work better. But this is what I have so far and I hope it helps you out!

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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