1TB MicroSD Cards Are Now A Reality

It was just over a year ago when I was talking about the worlds first 512GB MicroSD card by Integral Memory. Now Micron and Western Digital have both announced their 1TB MicroSD cards!

1TB MicroSD

With the ever-increasing demand for storage, I am sure these type of cards will become a normal thing in a few years. 4K video alone is a good reason to have one. I would like to have one for my GoPro and even in my Raspberry Pi.

Now if we just had more phones that would let you use SD cards in them.

1TB MicroSD Speeds

These new cards meet class 30 specifications. They have read speeds at 100 Mbps for Micron and 160 Mbps for Western Digital’s SanDisk. The Micron can write faster at 95 Mbps vs the SanDisk at 90 Mbps.

Release Date

Micron has given a release date of Q2 2019 and the SanDisk card will be available in April 2019.


I am not finding these cards in store listings at Newegg yet but Business Wire is saying they will be priced at $449.99 at release.

I do not need a 1TB card bad enough to pay that price. But this new card may push the prices down on some of the smaller cards like the 512GB ones!

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