World first 512GB MicroSD card

Integral Memory has announced the worlds first 512GB MicroSD card. That is a ton of storage space that can fit on the tip of your finger. How nice it will be to have a laptop-like memory capacity on a mobile device! As of right now, they should work with any modern Android phone or tablets as well as Surface Pros. But I am not sure about Cameras and GoPros. But if not, I am sure support will come shortly.

With the high demand for increased storage on mobile devices, this card will make a lot of people happy. The other good side effect is it will also start to drive the prices down for smaller SD cards. So over time, everyone will win!

512GB MicroSD

The MicroSD Cards Speed

This Card is a Class 10 card. Meaning it should at least have a transfer speed of 10 MB/s. This data transfer speed should be fast enough to record HD video. Maybe even 4K video. This also means it could make a nice drive for a Raspberry Pi!

Release Date and Price

The new 512GB MicroSD cards will be available this February. But we do not know the price yet. I am guessing it will not be cheap considering that 400GB MicroSD cards are still running over $200.

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