Music Streams

I like to play music while working and I know a lot of people like music for studying and gaming as well. I wanted to make a music streams list of some free streams I like to listen too.

So here is the list in no particular order.

Music Streams

Lofi Hip Hop

This is the newest thing I found when searching for something to play on YouTube. I never heard of Lofi Hip Hop until I found this but I think I like it.

Relaxing and Easy Listening

This is another style of music I like to play when at work.

Summer Mix

Digitally Imported

I used to love Digitally Imported. I still kind of do but now they make you sign up for an account. It is free, but I hate making new accounts all the time for every site so in my stubbornness I never did. It has many types of channels to pick from.


Instrumental music from around the world. From what I heard it seems to be classical music.


This is something like digitally imported. It has lots of channels to pick from.

Game Music Streams

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio

I have no clue if this music has anything to do with Cyberpunk 2077 seeing as how the game is not even out yet. But I found it and it seems cool other than the random talking between songs.

Fallout Radio

Elder Scrolls Radio

Elder Scrolls Radio playing music from, The Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, The Witcher games, and many other fantasy music composers.

Christian Music


Inspiring Christian music stream and radio station.

Foreign Streams


A lot of the time I do not like words in my music streams so I am not distracted from what I am doing. But I do not know Japanese so this fits my criteria.

Sound Streams


Still Stream is kind of interesting. But I am not sure if I would call it music. It is an ambient sound stream.

Rainy Mood

Here is another one that is not really music. This one is the sounds of a rainstorm with some light thunder in the background.


Also not music. This is like a soft static generator. It generates white, pink and brown noise. If you’re not into music while you work but want some kind of background noise then you may like this.


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