Crows are Smart

Crows are super smart. Maybe even as smart as a 7 year old. Just think of the times you have seen a crow outside watching you and you never knew how smart they were. I am not sure how or why I started researching them at this point but I learned a lot of fascinating things about them and I just had to share! So this is not my normal gaming or technology post but it is still very cool.


Crows use tools

They make and use tools to get food and are able to solve complex problems. In fact, they score as high as primates in intelligence test. In test they have an understanding of water displacement and can think ahead many steps to solve puzzles to get food. They even bend wire in order to make hooks to get to food.

They have a good memory

In research, crows have been known to remember what they have learned 8 years later. They probably can remember even longer back than that. They also live around 30 years in the wild so they can learn a lot and use what they learn to help them get food or to solve problems.

They are social animals

Crows can learn from other crows and are able to pass information on down this way. In research when someone is mean to some crows they will start yelling at and scolding that person. Other crows learn this behaver and join in when the same person never did anything to them.

They even seem to hold some kind of crow funeral for their dead.

They plan ahead.

They store food away in hidden places so they can eat it during harder times.

Crows can remember people’s faces.

Researchers did experiments with mask and found that crows recognize the face of people they like and do not like and can easily tell them apart. Even if the mask was turned upside down or a hat was put on.

They sometimes give gifts to people they like.

Ted Talk: Crows, Smarter than you think!

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